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About Fozzy Group:
Fozzy Group is one of the largest trade industrial groups in Ukraine and one of the leading Ukrainian retailers, with over 700 outlets all around the country. Besides retail, the Group has business interests in food production, bank business, IT, logistics, and restaurants. Fozzy Group introduces modern solutions in all areas of its activity. By investing in its business processes improvement, the group has achieved leading positions in the retail market. By performing retail chains logistics through its own distribution centers, Fozzy Group is able to ensure the timely delivery

About ATB-Market:
ATB-Market LLC, ATB Corporation company, the largest retail chain in Ukraine, has been expanding rapidly. In 25 years company saw the chain grow to the largest national retailer. At the beginning of 2019 ATB retail chain operates 1088 stores in 279 localities in 24 regions of Ukraine sustaining high growth rates. Research-backed development of marketing strategy, logistics, food product quality control and customer service have secured a dominant position of the company in the trade industry of the country both by number of customers and by turnover and tax expenses.

About Attika:
The Attika retail chain has been operating in the street trade format for more than 15 years. Today, street trading is not accustomed to the eye stalls with goods, but civilized branded kiosks, shops and pavilions. Constant modernization of the format allows the company to open retail outlets that become part of the city's infrastructure. Objects of the network are located at the intersection of traffic flows. In places of concentration of pedestrians. Today, each client of the network can choose what is needed from a wide range of goods, make a quick and convenient purchase.